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The Screwtape Letters is an award-winning satirical comedy that is now touring the UK for its 9th year. Nigel Forde's "sparkling script" and David Robinson's "impressive Screwtape" (The Stage) bring to life Lewis' classic book, which has sold millions of copies worldwide.


The story is set in Professor Screwtape's study in the timeless dominion of Hell. The play follows Screwtape's attempts to train his junior devils, including his protégé Wormwood, in the fine art of temptation. It remains faithful to the original text, characters and themes created by Lewis and holds three Edinburgh Fringe Sell-Out Show Awards.



"The performances are well honed, with Screwtape himself standing out as an embodiment of snide evil"


The British Theatre Guide


“'Yes Minister' in space” indicates not only the vibe of 'The Screwtape Letters', but also its quality"


"The dialogue is superb, articulate and humorous. Religious or not, you will enjoy this"


Three Weeks Edinburgh


"It's very good entertainment and by no means for believers alone"


Edinburgh Guide


The most critically acclaimed production of C.S. Lewis' masterpiece is back...

Screwtape D Web 5 star 5 star

Mon 20 Nov


Tue 21 Nov

Willowfield Parish Church


Market Place Theatre


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