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Chariot: The Eric Liddell Story

This was taken from our 4th joint production of Chariot - and here we have the entire play condensed down to just 5 minutes! The 10 actor script has 8 supporting roles played by members of the church we work with. Those 8 people have the opportunity to spend time learning from acting alongside us in 4-6 rehearsals before performing in front of a live paying audience.  


Set in Paris, during the Olympic Games of 1924, we see the struggles Eric Liddell faces around him in staying true to his principles. When given the chance to become the fastest man in the world, will his convictions buckle? Should he stay true to his beliefs? And can he bring back a medal for King and Country?


Filmed at Timberline Church, October 2013

An Evening with Jeff Lucas & Searchlight

'Hope & Homecomings' was a production toured the UK in 2010 & 2011 before being presented at Jeff's church in Colorado.  


A prodigal: someone who has drifted or marched away from a relationship with God. Every prodigal is different. Some have openly defied God. Some are lured by alternative lifestyles. Still others are in church pews, but with hearts closed to Jesus. If you have had your heart broken by watching a prodigal walk away, this production delivers a message that is both comforting and challenging. See the importance of grace, welcoming all people with open arms and making sure that the 'older brother' doesn't spoil the party that God wants to throw for the 'returning son'.


Filmed at Timberline Church, January 2012

Questioning Aslan

Written by Nigel Forde, this production is inspired by the life and writings of C.S. Lewis and has toured the UK, Australia, New Zealand and  Romania.


It’s 1958, the world is in the grip of an economic downturn and the fear and uncertainty of the Cold War is building. But in Oxford, England, professor C.S. Lewis has called a student into his study to discuss a very different dilemma. His most promising protégé is disillusioned with the world - the future seems increasingly unsure and meaninglessness has abounded in his life. Where or what can he turn to? Atheism seems to hold plausible explanations – but will his mentor be able to shed a different light on that conclusion?


Filmed at Faith Promise Church, February 2012