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'Would You Adam & Eve It?' shows what happens if you tell two chaps who like to make people laugh; dramatise all 90 chapters from the first two books of the Bible.


With a few strategic speedy bits to help it achieve a 90 minute running time - it has amazed audiences around the world for the last 9 years, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


The show in being toured in partnership with the Bible Society who believe that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change - for good. The show caters for anyone aged 10 or over and includes printed and electronic publicity, promotional trailers and an online box office. It is available to book throughout the year.


Hosting Requirements:

Selling tickets for £10 in your locality. Minimum Venue Capacity: 100 seats. Minimum Stage Size: 14 ft by 14 ft. Sound system.


The Price:

You would only be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 and should total sales be less than £700, agree to underwrite that loss.


All ticket income after the first £700 is split 50/50 with you - so if you sell 90 tickets (and generate £900 from the show) you will recoup your deposit. On every ticket after the 90th, you will make £5 - so with 150 people you would make £300.  


To Book:

Send through your details and the dates that would work for you to and we will respond to you via email.


To download the booking details click here


Genesis and Exodus - brought to life on stage by two very funny men (pictured above)...

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To download the booking details click here